ec-model-01Here is a brief history of who I am, what I do, and why we should be friends.

I grew up in a rural Eastern Wisconsin small town with two tough-loving parents and two bossy, older sisters. In high school, I always loved getting homework assignments that allowed me to be creative, and at times, a perfectionist. I ended up going to a wonderful university in Central Minnesota thanks to an amazing high school art teacher. (Ironically, she went to the same university, only about 10 years earlier, and I had no clue!) While being admitted as an undeclared major, I was always drawn to the arts and quickly started pursuing classes that sparked my interests. After chasing after film classes my first semester, and realizing I wasn’t cut out for the critiquing of cultural films for the rest of my college career, I reluctantly walked into the Fine Arts building in search of something that I could tangibly do. After a meeting with the department head, I enrolled in the core foundation classes needed in order to be admitted to the College of Fine Arts and the rest of my college career was set. Being the ever involved person that I am, I was also was a member of the Nordic Ski Team (even though I had never skied a day before in my life) and the Delta Zeta sorority where I learned that a sorority is more than just a sisterhood. In addition, I also studied abroad for a year in London (and hope to someday run the marathon there.)

Upon my graduation in 2011, I landed my first bonafide Graphic Design job as an in-house designer at a medium-sized ski, golf and bike resort in the mountains of Northern New Mexico. While I was there, I learned the intricacies of working for a company with many departments and shielding the demands of endless work. It opened my eyes to the importance of in-house designers and their ability to multi-task across a company, while still being able to create beautiful, detailed work.

I also moonlight as a freelance Graphic Designer (designing mainly wedding invitation suites, greeting cards and paper accessories), a fine dining server and an event coordinator. In my free time, I love to run, hike, ski, read and watch an insane amount of movies.

I love what I do for a living and believe that design is one of the most exciting forms of communication. Plus, who doesn’t love a properly kerned poster?